The Blackburn Industrial Park Company Forum Connects Tenants to City Officials


For Immediate Release

(Gloucester, Mass.) June, 9, 2016– Today, the city of Gloucester collaborated with the Economic Development Industrial Corporation and Ryan and Wood Distillery to help bridge Blackburn Industrial Park tenants with business support specialists .Ryan & Wood Distillery hosted the event to bring together companies from wide-ranging industries like spirits distilling and seafood processing.

“Gloucester is committed to a steady stream of economic development to support our growing industries. We want to create and sustain an environment where companies can thrive”, said Mayor Sefatia Romeo Theken.

The Blackburn Industrial Park business connectivity event will help forge stronger relationships between municipal officials and tenant companies. The close working relationship between the Economic Development Industrial Corporation and the City of Gloucester will ensure prompt event follow-up and new opportunities for engaged businesses.

Already this year, the City of Gloucester has made a series of economic development announcements that will drive robust job creation and grow local industries.

  • The White House Rural Council named Gloucester as one of 27 communities to participate in the Local Foods, Local Places initiative to support sustainable seafood.
  • The Commonwealth of Massachusetts selected Gloucester for a $151K grant to support and promote its seafood industry.
  • The City of Gloucester hosted a business development tour for more than 50 international seafood executives and government officials to meet with Gloucester companies and build global trade partnerships.

About the City of Gloucester
The nation’s oldest seaport, Gloucester is world-renowned for its seafood industry and its beaches. Its sharp focus on economic development helps build its reputation as the ideal location to live, work, and play. An important center for the fishing industry, Gloucester is also proud of its vibrant cultural life and rich art heritage. The city is a destination for thousands of visitors who visit the harbor and its beaches during summer months.