Mark's Photo


This is Gloucester Fisherman Mark and he left his house early this morning to catch your delicious lobster. Growing up, his family had always been drawn to the ocean with his father operating a marina and his uncles being fishermen themselves. He believes that, as a fisherman, he is environmentally in tune with the ocean life and sees himself as a steward of the ocean. Mark traveled all the way from Mexico to Newfoundland as a young fisherman, but now he simply enjoys being able to come home every night.

Scott's Photo


This is Gloucester Fisherman Scott, and he went out to catch your lobster before sunrise this morning. He’s been fishing since 1975, and has learned the best techniques from some of the best fishermen of Nova Scotia as he was growing up. His favorite part about the job is admiring the, “almost biblical” sunrise and being a part of “feeding a hungry nation.” As a young fisherman, he enjoyed spending various days out on the boat, but now he is much happier as a day fisher and being able to see his kids grow.

Joe's Photo


Say hello to Joe. He caught your haddock off the Gloucester shore earlier today. He was born into the fishing industry and has at it for 44 years. His fondest memories are fishing with his grandfather and having the freedom to go fishing at any time he wanted, over 100 miles out in the ocean. For Joe, the most rewarding part about the job is being able to go home every night, and sit at the dinner table with his family.


We introduce you to Gloucester Fisherman Joe, better known as Joe Razz. He has been fishing for 35 years and is a 3rd generation fisherman of his family. His desire to keep the family tradition going and having the freedom of being his own boss was what lead him to this job. Even after growing regulations, Joe still goes out fishing whenever he gets the chance and is motivated by his experiences to keep on going.

Al's Photo


This is Al, and he fished for your flounder today off the Gloucester shore. Al is the 6th generation fisherman of his family and has been working in the industry ever since he graduated high school, about 32 years ago. He has always loved the freedom and competitiveness of the business. His greatest motivation is to save the fishing industry for he has faith in the ocean sustainability. Out of the many rewarding parts of the job, he admires being able to contribute to the society by bringing in fresh products.

Vince's Photo


Say hello to Vince. He got up early this morning, while you were sleeping, to catch your delicious fish. Vince came from Sicily and has been fishing since he was 7 years old. His great love for the fishing industry was influenced by his family, as he is the 4th generation fisherman. His most memorable time was when he caught 10,000 pounds of fish in one day.

Fisherman Paul Photo


Started fishing on his family boat as a teenager. His love of the ocean brought him to Mass Maritime, where after graduating, he purchased his own boat and got right back into fishing. Paul contributes to the small boat fleet by bringing to shore the freshest fish daily.

Fisherman Gus Photo


Started fishing with his family as a young boy and never looked back. A boat owner/captain for over 40 years, Gus runs one of the big boats in Gloucester. He prides himself on landing high quality fish on short duration trips.

Fisherman Nino Photo


A boat owner/captain for over 30 years, he tried his hand at a land job. it wasn’t long before the call of the sea and his love for fishing brought him back. He now fishes along side his brother Joe and couldn’t be happier.Being on the water every day and producing for his community is what it’s all about.

Fisherman Gus Photo