Gloucester Fresh Highlights Culinary Creations with Seafood Cooking Shows featuring Senior Editor of Yankee Magazine Annie Copps

(Gloucester, MA) May 31, 2017 – Mayor Sefatia Romeo Theken and the Gloucester Community Development team through the “Gloucester Fresh” brand launched a series of cooking shows demonstrating how to best utilize fresh and local Gloucester seafood. Gloucester Fresh is an initiative of the City of Gloucester, Massachusetts and is supported by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Seaport Economic Council, the Massachusetts Department of Marine Fisheries and the USDA to help showcase the unique seafood offerings provided through local fisherman and regional companies with full information and videos found on

The series of cooking demonstrations highlights Gloucester seafood including White fish, Red fish, Dab fish and Atlantic Pollock fish. Each cooking demonstration showcases the local fish in a seasonal recipe with easy-to-follow directions and visuals. The City of Gloucester partnered with Annie Copps, senior food editor of Yankee Magazine and Heather Atwood, columnist for The Gloucester Daily Times and Gloucester Fisherman Al Cottone to produce and promote this series. This exciting cooking show series can be found directly on the Gloucester Fresh website

“By utilizing fresh and local seafood you are not only preparing delicious and healthy food, but also supporting your community,” said Gloucester Mayor Sefatia Romeo Theken. “We’re excited to launch a new series of captivating cooking videos which will help inspire chefs of all kinds to utilize affordable, seasonal, local, and regional seafood.”

The fishing industry has been an integral part of the Gloucester community since 1623. The success of Gloucester has been directly linked to the success of the local fisheries. Since then, the city has taken significant steps to promote sustainable seafood both regionally and nationally. Over 15,000 samples of Gloucester’s seafood has been served annually at the Seafood Expo North America, New England Food Show, Boston Seafood Festival and other demonstrations and “throw-downs.” The city also partnered with 99 Restaurant group to serve Gloucester Fresh Haddock at all 106 locations in New England. Recently promotional videos, billboards and digital advertisements have been placed throughout Massachusetts in partnership with Clear Channel Communications.

In January, the City of Gloucester was recognized with a USDA Rural Business Development Grant to help with Gloucester Fresh promotional efforts. In March, the City of Gloucester led a public-private partnership initiative at the Seafood Expo North America (SENA) to further educate consumers and businesses about the importance of fresh and sustainable seafood. The City provided Gloucester companies the opportunity to produce short promotional videos that were displayed at SENA and on digital billboards at South Station. The SENA proved beneficial for the City of Gloucester with over 100 new leads and contacts received. Additionally, Gloucester hosted a tasting reception with more than 70 guests including business and government leaders from Indonesia, the United Kingdom, Malaysia, Mexico and Iceland.

Gloucester Fresh supports “America’ oldest fishing port” by bringing new attention to the many fish markets available that supply local fresh seafood. The program helps local fishermen, some of whom are fifth and sixth generation, and markets that have a long tradition of providing quality fresh fish, shellfish and value added seafood products.

Learn more about Gloucester Fresh and its innovative seafood cooking series by visiting our videos page.

Media Contact: Patrick Bench