A small business initiative by the City of Gloucester

Gloucester, MA (TODAY) – Mayor Sefatia Romeo Theken through Gloucester Fresh, a global brand promoting local sustainable seafood, announces the launch of the “Gloucester Fresh Restaurant Membership Program”, an innovative initiative designed to connect Gloucester fishing companies directly with restaurants in the region. This collaboration will highlight the world-class seafood and dining experience available in the City of Gloucester and Cape Ann region by using Gloucester Fresh branding and promotions.

Gloucester developed this program at the request of eager restauranteurs interested in providing their customers with the best local seafood. The “Gloucester Fresh Restaurant Program” provides a guideline to members, including: promotion of seasonal seafood from Gloucester Fresh members; seasonable availability awareness; under-utilized species for creative and cost-effective recipes; cohesive branding of Gloucester fresh across signage, promotions and outreach; and other unique benefits to be determined by the founding group.

The “Gloucester Fresh Restaurant Membership Program” has already attracted prominent restaurant and seafood companies, such as The Gloucester House, Azorean Restaurant & Bar, The Causeway Restaurant, Tonno Restaurant, Passports Restaurant, Ocean Crest, Mortillaro Lobster Inc., Cape Ann Fresh Foods, Captain Joe’s Lobster, Gloucester’s Finest Seafood, Fisherman’s Wharf Seafood, Cape Ann Seafood Exchange, Connolly Seafood, Intershell, and community partners Gloucester Fisheries Commission, and the Gloucester Fishermen’s Wives Association.

“By utilizing fresh and local seafood you are not only providing delicious and healthy food to consumers, but also supporting your community,” said Gloucester Mayor Sefatia Romeo Theken. “We’re excited to launch this first of its kind restaurant membership program to showcase our heritage while providing the freshest seafood products by working together.”

The fishing industry has been an integral part of the Gloucester community since 1623. The success of the town has been directly linked to the success of the local fisheries. Since then, the city has taken significant steps to promote sustainable seafood both regionally and nationally.

In January, Gloucester Fresh was awarded a Rural Business Development Grant to help promote economic development and to preserve fishing employment.

In March, the Gloucester Fresh initiative participated in the Seafood Expo North America to further educate people about the importance of fresh and sustainable seafood. The SENA proved beneficial for the City of Gloucester with over 100 new leads and contacts received.

Additionally, Gloucester hosted a tasting reception with more than 70 guests, including businesses from Indonesia, the United Kingdom, Malaysia, Mexico and Iceland. Recently, Gloucester Fresh received a grant from the Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries’ Seafood Marketing pilot grant program.

Gloucester Fresh supports “America’s oldest fishing port” by bringing new attention to the many fish markets available that supply local fresh seafood. The program helps local fishermen, some of whom are fifth and sixth generation, and markets that have a long tradition of providing quality fresh fish, shellfish and value-added seafood products.

 Media Contact: Patrick Bench
(617) 733-1290